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Quick Tips on Health Talks

Use our checklist, which may help you manage your teen's visit with the health care provider. It contains tips on how to communicate with your teen and his or her health care provider before, during, and after the annual checkup.

Did you know?

Nearly all* teens, parents, and health care providers who treat teens who were surveyed in a national poll agreed that teenagers should have a say in their own health.

*teens 95.5%, parents 94.2%, HCPs 97.7%

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According to a national survey, over 40% of teens considered health care providers their most trusted source for health information. However, did you know that almost 40% of teens surveyed also said they do not like speaking with them? You may need to provide some guidance as your teen transitions to a more active role in the annual checkup.


About 85% of health care providers surveyed agreed that most teens are engaged when they speak with them. Let your teen know that it is OK for him or her to speak privately with the health care provider so that he or she can learn to take charge of his or her own health.


Life may be busy for you and for your teen. It can be
hard to "schedule" quality time, and you may not be able to anticipate when a teenager will want to talk.

It's important to be open and available for discussions
with your teen and to let him or her know that you're
listening. It's OK to disagree, but be respectful.

Did you know?

While you may think teens
turn only to their friends for
advice, 67% of teens surveyed
said they seek advice from
their parents.

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While it may sometimes seem like your teen doesn’t listen to you, parents are trusted advisors in a teen’s life, according to a national survey.


Download and print a copy of the checklist to keep handy for your teen’s annual visit or to share with other parents.