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Navigating Myths

  • Myth

    Vaccines are for babies—not teenagers.


    Vaccines are recommended for teens to help prevent a number of diseases, including influenza and meningococcal meningitis.

    Some teens may also need to catch up on shots or receive them to maintain their immunity against certain bacteria and viruses that cause disease.

    Pfizer's Web site provides additional information about vaccine-preventable diseases.

  • Myth

    My teen doesn't need an annual checkup if he or she already received a sports or school physical.


    These exams are important, but they don't always include discussions around all aspects of health.

    Even if your teen has had one of these physicals, it is recommended by health experts to get an annual checkup.

  • Myth

    My teen looks and feels healthy, so he or she doesn't need to see a health care provider.


    Your teen is facing developmental milestones beyond those that are physical. The teenage years are a critical time for emotional, mental, and social development, too. An annual checkup provides an opportunity for your health care provider to uncover other issues that may have an impact on your teen's mood, relationships, academic success, and enjoyment of activities.

Growth and Development