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Before the Visit

Before the Visit: How to Prepare

  • BOOK IT: Schedule an annual checkup.

  • CHECK IT: Know what an annual checkup covers. Besides screening for health issues and providing immunizations for the prevention of vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs), the doctor may discuss emotional concerns. This is important, as a national survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, with support from Pfizer, found that 75% of teens reported that emotional well-being is important to their physical health.

    Topics that may be covered in the checkup include:

    • Physical growth and development
    • Healthy eating and exercise
    • Social and academic performance and concerns
    • Emotional well-being, such as stress, coping, mental health, and sexuality
    • Difficult decisions involving alcohol use, substance abuse, and sexual activity
    • Safety issues, including violence and injury prevention
  • WRITE IT: Consider jotting down questions in advance.That time flies by quickly! Going in prepared can help ensure all of your questions are addressed.

  • Encourage your teen to write down questions:Your teen might be timid or embarrassed when it comes to asking health-related questions. This step can help him or her prepare, so that his or her questions can be addressed.

  • Ensure your teen understands patient/physician confidentiality:
    Assure your teen that you plan to leave the room for a portion of the
    visit to give him or her some privacy, and that it is important
    he or she speak candidly with the health care provider.


Download and print a copy to keep handy for your teen's annual visit or to share with other parents.

During the Visit